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  2019 专四 dictation 答案


  We often use slang expressions when we talk, because they are so vivi d and colorful. However, they are usually out of place in formal writing /because of a number of drawbacks. / They go out of date quickly and be come tiresome if used too much. / And they may communicate clearly to some readers but not to others./ In general, we should avoid the use o f slang in our writing.


  1. revise for content

  2. major points

  3. evidence

  4. the logic

  5. a self-imposed limit


  7. diversify sentence structures

  8. express complex ideas

  9. wordy //imprecise

  10. nouns and verbs


 1. What is the woman's family name?

  C. Writer Wells.

  2. Why did her mother reject her maiden name?

  B. She was then a feminist.

  3. How did her mother invent a new surname?

  A. She named herself after her profession.

  4. What does the man think of the practice in Italy?

  C. The problem troubling feminists still remains.

  5. What is the programme mainly about?

  D. Reasons for inventing surnames.

  6. Who is Janet Smith?

  C. A guest on a weekly program.

  7. What is the first tip from Janet?

  D To shamelessly promote yourself to your boss.

  8. Why is it a bad idea to overstate what you have done?

  D. Because the boss has the data on your work.

  9. Why should we think ahead according to Janet?

  B. We may forget the good things we've done.

  10. Where can we check competitive wages?

  A. Websites.


  11. D. other types of writing

  12. C. Had it not been for

  13. A. to move

  14. D might have remained

  15. B.what

  16. D. the one thing

  17. A should

  18. B. call for action

  19. A. To express unfavorable feelings.

  20. D narrate a sequential action taken by Harry

  21. A group _____casinos has urged officials not to grant a license to a facility in the city.

  A. opposed to

  22. After the war, he worked on an island in the Pacific, helping the natives and medical_____ understand each other's behavior and cultures.

  C. personnel

  23. The subject of manners is complex. If it were not, there would not be so many_____ feelings and so much misunderstanding in international communication.

  B. injured

  24. To illustrate the limits of First Amendment free speech, many have noted that the Constitution does not give you the right to falsely l_____ Fire " in a crowded theater.


  25. The company announced that it has achieved its mission to create a local food economy that is _____ to any environment.


  26. Although Patterson acknowledges the disappointing season he had with the Vikings, he has no second about how he went about his business.

  A、 thoughts

  27. Electronic cigarettes should be subject _____ the same taxes and limitations on public use as traditional tobacco products.


  28. FC Barcelona,_____ the most iconic club in world soccer beat Manchester United 2-0 to claim the UEFA Champions League title.

  B. arguably

  29. The store sells liquid vitamins _____designed for children under 3.

  D. specifically

  30. The three law______ officers on the plane came to the rescue of a fellow

  passenger who was allegedly trying to kill herself

  C. enforcement





  34.N. ultimately








  41. Increase in immigration in Austria fails to improve locals' life mainly because of______.

  D. the design of the welfare system

  42. Who will favor the study results by researchers from the University of California?

  B. People who run businesses.

  43. It can be inferred from the passage that the author's attitude is

  towards immigrants.

  A. cautiously favorable

  44. What does"she had ajob to do" (para. 1) mean according to the context?

  C. She wanted to buy a DVD.

  45. What does the title of the DVD reveal according to the shop assistant?

  A. The elderly woman had some knowledge about movies.

  46. In the passage the elderly woman's daughter is described as being

  A impolite

  47. While looking for the DVD with the old woman, the shop assistant was


  48. According to the new study, what kinds of books are likely to help people better understand others'feelings?

  C. Literary fiction.

  49. Which of the following statements is CORRECT according to the passage?

  C. Kidd and his team had people read prestigious fiction.

  50. Which of the following is NOT a special feature of literary fiction?

  A. Presence of an authoritative narrator.


  51. What does the statement"..., don ' t expect the taxpayer to bail you out. "mean?(Para.1)

  Unemployed immigrants cannot live on government's benefit // Unemployed immigrants don't receive subsidy from federal government.


  52. Why did the shop assistant lead the elderly woman to find the DVD instead of finding it for her?

  She reminded the shop assistant of/her late mother.

  53. What does the last sentence in Para 16 imply about the daughter's attitude towards her mother?

  She began to try to cherish her mother.


  54. What are the two main advantages of reading literary fiction according to the passage?

  Boosting people's empathy and enabling people to practice social skills.

  55. Why is reading special when compared with plays and movies?

  Because it provides no visuals and entails more imagination.



  By providing concrete facts and concrete statistics, the article mainly discusses the issue of media consumption in the children’s everyday life. The author holds the opinion that the nature of the screen time is one of the major factors. As is illustrated in the remark of Mr. Jocelyn Brewer in the essay, the time that a child spends on his electronic devices is not detrimental to his normal life. In accordance with the children’s behavior and character, parents can join with their children, rather than imposing a limit on their screen time. Personally, I strongly agree with Mr. Brewer’s view, as can be seen in the following paragraphs.

  There’s no denying the fact that many young people spend a large amount of spare time on the smart phones and Ipads. In view of their healthy living habit and academic performance, it is advisable that the parents restrict their children’s access to these high-tech devices. This statement does have an element of truth at the first glimpse. But it must be pointed out that it is not a viable option nowadays. For one thing, in the contemporary society, modern telecommunication devices are not only important, but also indispensable in the daily life of many young people. So it is realistic to absolutely forbid them from using them. For another thing, by influencing their children’s behavioral and thinking pattern, the parents can teach their sons and daughters to keep self-control and self-discipline. As a result of the parents’ active participation, it is possible that the children form a good living habit, and then improve their overall qualities. When this situation continues, the children will benefit tremendously from the media consumption, rather than reducing their on-line time.

  In a world well connected with Internet and cell phones, it is recommended that the parents teach their children how to overcome network addiction, instead of strictly prohibiting them from using these devices. This conclusion is somewhat traditional, but it is at least rational and realistic.


  本文通过提供具体事实和具体统计数字,谈论了在儿童日常生活中媒体消费的问题。作者认为,屏幕使用时间的性质是电子设备使用的主要因素。正如本文中Jocelyn Brewer先生的观点所证实的,一个儿童花在电子设备上的时间对于他正常的生活不见得是有害的。而家长根据孩子们的行为和个性,可以参与其中,而不是对于他们的屏幕时间进行限制,如下段所示。





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