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  There are thirty sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

  Mark your answers on Answer Sheet Two.

  51. There is no ___ in the world for her children.

  A. love greater than a mother

  B. love greater than that of a mother

  C. love greater as a mother

  D. great love as that of a mother

  52. I didn't see her in the meeting-room this afternoon. She ___ at the meeting.

  A. mustn't have spoken

  B. shouldn't have spoken

  C. needn't have spoken

  D. couldn't have spoken

  53. Pop music is such an important part of society ___ it has even influenced our language.

  A. as

  B. that

  C. which

  D. where

  54. Just as the builder is skilled in the handling of his bricks, ___ the experienced writer is skilled in the handling of his words.

  A. as

  B. so

  C. thus

  D. like

  55. __ it may be, there is no place like home.

  A. As humble

  B. Though humble

  C. Humble as

  D. If humble

  56. New ideas sometimes have to wait for years __ they are fully accepted.

  A. when

  B. before

  C. after

  D. where

  57. Which of the following is INCORRECT?

  A. Many a boy and many a girl have seen the film before.

  B. He said he would go to Shanghai on business the next day.

  C. I forgot to bring your umbrella with me.

  D. His father has left his homeland for fifty years.

  58. He must have lived a happy life a few years ago, ___ he?

  A. didn't

  B. hasn't

  C. mustn't

  D. can't

  59. What does "You cannot give him too much money" mean?

  A. You shouldn't give him too much money.

  B. The more money you give him, the better.

  C. You can't give him a lot of money.

  D. You ought to give him less money.

  60. He never hesitates to make __ criticisms __ are considered helpful to others.

  A. so... that

  B. so... as

  C. such.., that

  D. such.., as

  61. The followings are all correct responses to "Do you mind my smoking here?" EXCEPT

  A. No, do it please.

  B. No, of course not.

  C. I'm sorry.

  D. Yes, go ahead.

  62. The reason why he has been such a success is ___ he never gives up.

  A. what

  B. that

  C. because

  D. how

  63. One is not guilty until he __

  A. has proved

  B. has been proved

  C. is proved

  D. will be proved

  64. Paper produced every year is four times __ the weight of the world's production of vehicles.

  A. /

  B. that of

  C. which

  D. of

  65. If you are a member of a club, you must __ to the rules of that club.

  A. conform

  B. appeal

  C. refer

  D. access

  66. I tried to relax because I knew I would use up my oxygen sooner, __

  A. the more excited I got

  B. I got excited more

  C. and more I got excited

  D. and I got more excited

  67. The toy maker produces a __ copy of the space station, exact in every detail.

  A. minimal

  B. minimum

  C. miniature

  D. minor

  68. I should like to rent a house, modem, comfortable and __ in a quiet neighborhood.

  A. all in all

  B. above all

  C. after all

  D. over all

  69. Some parents are only concerned __ their children's grades in studies.

  A. of

  B. at

  C. about

  D. for

  70. This disease __ itself in yellowness of the skin and eyes.

  A. manifests

  B. modifies

  C. magnifies

  D. exposes

  71. Dr. Wang has made much contribution to the theories of modem physics at the __ of his health.

  A. cost

  B. disposal

  C. mercy

  D. expenditure

  72. If I take this medicine three times a day, it should __ my cold.

  A. heal

  B. cure

  C. treat

  D. recover

  73. Crisis would be the right term to describe the __ in many animal species.

  A. abolition

  B. restriction

  C. descent

  D. decline

  74. Up until that time, his interest had focused almost__ on fully mastering the skills and techniques of his craft.

  A. restrictively

  B. radically

  C. inclusively

  D. exclusively

  75. In the___ of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.

  A. ring

  B. terrace

  C. arena

  D. ground

  76. On January 1st many people make a New Year

  A. intention

  B. determination

  C. dedication

  D. resolution

  77. Bill assured his boss that he would __ all his energies in doing this new job.

  A. call forth

  B. call at

  C. call on

  D. call off

  78. We had a __ lesson in ideological education yesterday and were deeply impressed.

  A. profound

  B. deep

  C. extreme

  D. shallow

  79. Despite technical progress, some food production is still completely __ on weather.

  A. reliable

  B. dependable

  C. dependent

  D. inseparable

  80. His speech rambled for half an hour, but the___ of what he had said was that too many people has too little money.

  A. aim

  B. purpose

  C. essence

  D. content


  【解析】考查that of的用法。that在这里指代前面提到的love,that指代不可数名词和单数可数名词(如果是复数,用those)。than表示母爱与其他爱的比较关系。故选B。


  【解析】考查“情态动词+完成体”的用法。didn’t表明事情发生在过去,对过去情况的否定推断,要用couldn’t have done,故选D。must have done一般用于肯定句,表示对过去肯定的推测;shouldn’t have done表示“本不应做某事而做了”;needn’t have done“本不必做某事而做了”。


  【解析】考查结果状语从句。空格后的句子表结果,与前面的such连用引导结果状语从句,故选B。such…as表示“像……样的”,as用作关系代词时,引导定语从句,如:He is not such a fool as he looks.(他并不像他看起来那么傻。)


  【解析】考查方式状语从句。just as…so表示“就像……一样,……也”,just as引出表对比的从句,主句要用so与之呼应。故选B。




  【解析】考查时间状语从句。before引导时间状语从句时表示主旬的动作发生在从句动作之前,一般译为 “……才……”,句中主句的动作wait发生在accept之前,故选B。when引导的时间状语从句,表示“当……时候”:after引导时则与before相反,表示主句的动作发生在从句动作之后。


  【解析】瞬间动词表示短暂性,不可持续的动作行为,不可与“for+一段时间”连用,故D错误。many a后谓语动词用单数,但A中有and连接两个并列主语,故谓语动词用复数;B中said是过去时,但是“去上海”这个动作发生在the next day,所以用would;forget to do表示“忘记要做某事”,forget doing表示“忘记了做过某事”。



  59.[B]【译文】I“You cannot give him too much money”(你给他再多的钱也不算多),这句话是什么意思?





  【解析】考查对Do you mind的回答。D项自相矛盾,意为“是的,我介意,请抽吧”,故错误。A、B皆表示不介意.C委婉表示介意。


  【解析】考查名词性从句的连接词。The reason why…is that…这是个固定句型表示“……的原因是因为……”。


  【解析】考查时态。until,as soon as,while等引导的时间状语从句可用一般现在时表示经常发生的动作或存在的状态。故选C。从前面的is也可判断应用一般现在时。


  【解析】考查倍数的表达。“A is倍数+the weight of B”(A是B的几倍重),这是固定用法,中间不需要加任何词,故选A。


  【解析】动词词义辨析题。conform to“遵守,适应”;appeal to“吸引”;refer to“涉及,提到”;access to“进入,接近”。俱乐部的规则,会员们当然应该“遵守”,故选A。


  【解析】考查the more…me more…的用法。the more…the more…表示“越……越……”。后半句还原成正常语序应为the more I got excited,the more l would use up my oxygen。




  【解析】短语含义辨析题。all in all“总而言之”;above all“首先,尤其重要的是”;after all“毕竟”;over all“总的,遍及”。代入各项,可知只有B符合句意。 ’






  【解析】考查固定搭配。at the cost of“以……为代价”;at me disposal of“由……处置”;at me mercy of“任……摆布”;expenditure不与at搭配,expenditure of表示“......的消费,支出”。根据词义可知,应选A。










  【解析】名词词义辨析及固定搭配题。intention“计划,目的”;determination“坚定,决断力”;dedication“奉献,献辞”:New Year resolution“新年的计划,决心”。


  【解析】考查动词短语的意义。call forth“振作起,唤起”;call at“访问”;call on“拜访;请求,号召”;call off“取消”,根据分析,可知选A。


  【解析】形容词词义辨析题。profound“深切的,深远的”;deep“深的,深奥的”;extreme“末端的,极端的”;shallow“浅的,浮浅的”。由句中的deeply impressed可排除C、D。deep是普通用词,指由上而下或由表及里的深度.可指具体或抽象事物;profound多指抽象事物,较为庄重,故A更符合题意。


  【解析】形容词词义辨析与搭配题。dependent“依赖的,依靠的”通常与0n搭配;reliable与dependable都表示 “可靠的。可信赖的”,一般用来修饰人或物。inseparable“分不开的”,一般后接from,故选C。



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