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  It's been another day of widespread anti-government protests in Syria. Official media said a number of policemen had been shot and one had died. Unconfirmed reports from activists said at least 16 demonstrators were killed by the security forces in several locations. Much of the worst violence took place in the city of Homs, with film of it posted on a social media website.


  Disturbances were reported from nearly all parts of Syria, including in the second biggest city Aleppo. Meanwhile, in the north of the country, the Syrian military has continued its operations. About 10,000 people who've fled their homes are camping on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey. Our correspondent Matthew Price reports from one of the Syrian camps.

  叙利亚几乎所有地区都有关于动乱的报道,包括第二大城市阿勒波。与此同时,在北方,叙利亚军队继续自己的军事行动。大约有10,000人逃离家园,在叙利亚与土耳其边境附近安营扎寨。我们的记者Matthew Price在其中一个营地报道。

  There are(There's口误) a number of makeshift shelters here, and there's a rather large tent. These are all people who've moved here in the last few days, and they all say that they are frightened, frightened of their army, frightened of their president. In one tent, Saad Fatemi Khabchi, elderly and frail. "I came here because of the violence," she said, "because of the army." The tactic is to crush the rebellion, but for now at least the crackdown seems to be fanning its flames.

  这里有许多临时庇护所,并且有一个很大的帐篷。这些人都是在最近几天到达这里的,他们都说自己非常害怕,害怕他们的军队,害怕他们的总统。在其中一个帐篷内,年老虚弱的Saad Fatemi Khabchi说,“我是因为暴力,因为军队来到这里的。”军队的战略是粉碎叛乱活动,但是至少目前来看,镇压活动似乎正在煽动反叛情绪。

  The heirs to Argentina's main media group have agreed to DNA tests to establish whether they really are the children of left-wing prisoners killed by the armed forces in the 1970s. Marcela and Felipe Noble Herrera, the adopted children of the owner of the Clarin group, are abiding by a court ruling that they give DNA samples to a national database. They'll then be compared with DNA from people who disappeared or were killed under military rule.

  阿根廷主要的媒体集团的继承人同意进行DNA测试,以确定他们是否真的是在70年代被武装分子杀害的左翼囚犯的后人。号角集团老板的养子 Marcela和Felipe Noble Herrera遵守法庭裁决,向国家数据库提供了DNA样本。他们的DNA将与在军事统治期间失踪或被杀害的人的DNA进行比对。

  Financial markets appear to have settled a little after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel softened her position on moves to prop up the Greek economy. The German government wants private sector banks to shoulder more of the burden by giving Greece more time to make repayments on its huge debts. Andrew Walker reports.

  德国总理默克尔在支持希腊经济的措施方面的立场软化之后,金融市场似乎稍微稳定了一些。德国政府希望私营部门银行能够肩负起更多责任,给予希腊更多时间来偿还巨额债务。Andrew Walker报道。

  The financial markets have been fretting about the next stages in the Greek government's debt drama. Chancellor Merkel's acceptance that any private sector contribution should be voluntary means there's slightly less danger of that drama turning to financial tragedy. She wants banks to allow Greece more time to repay. If they were in effect forced to, that would be seen in the markets as a default, which would mean widespread turbulence. Investors have welcomed her change of heart.


  The International Monetary Fund says it's more worried about the state of the world's economy than it was two months ago. One IMF official said the United States and Europe were playing with fire by failing to take tough political decisions to tackle their debt problems. The report says economic growth is slowing and the risks are increasing.


  World News from the BBC

  Vietnam is beginning a joint operation with the United States to remove traces of the toxic defoliant Agent Orange. The initial focus is a former US military base, which is still contaminated with the chemical, which was used to destroy vegetation cover for communist forces during the Vietnam War. Vietnam and the US are improving relations amid shared concern about China's growing power.

  越南开始与美国联合开战清除有毒的橙剂(Agent Orange)污染残留的行动。最初的焦点是前美军基地,这里仍然受到这种化学品的污染。这种化学品在越南战争期间用于摧毁越共藏身的植被。由于双方对中国崛起的担忧,越南和美国的关系逐渐改善。

  Spain's National Court has set a record bail figure following the detention of Hussein Salem, a close associate of the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Bail set in two separate hearings today reached over $38m. From Madrid, Sarah Rainsford.

  埃及前总统穆巴拉克的亲密助手沙列姆(Hussein Salem)被拘留之后,西班牙国家法庭开出了创纪录的保释金。今天召开的两场独立的听证会将保释金定在超过3800万美元。Sarah Rainsford从马德里发回报道。

  When police in Madrid began investigating Hussein Salem, they discovered large sums of money transferred to Spanish bank accounts - funds they believe were acquired illegally in Egypt. Bank accounts containing well over $45m have been frozen, as has the sale or transfer of nine properties in Spain worth another $14m. In Egypt, Hussein Salem is accused of large-scale corruption in the sale of gas and of donating luxurious villas to Hosni Mubarak and his family in return for land.


  Researchers in Britain who are trying to find a cure for Parkinson's disease are creating a bank of artificially-grown brain cells from patients suffering from the illness. Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disorder, which attacks parts of the brain that control movement. Scientists are using a new stem cell technique allowing them to turn skin from patients into small pieces of brain. The aim is to build up a brain bank, enabling researchers to study how Parkinson's develops and to test new drugs. Dr Richard Wade-Martins is leading the study.

  尝试寻找帕金森病治疗方法的英国研究人员利用病人的脑细胞创建了人工培养脑细胞银行。帕金森病是退化性疾病,它袭击大脑中控制运动的部分。科学家使用一种新的干细胞技术,使他们可以将病人的皮肤转变为小块的大脑。目的是创建大脑银行,使研究人员可以研究帕金森病形成的原因,并测试新的药物。Richard Wade-Martins医生负责这项研究。


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