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  When Spanish football club Barcelona paid US$35million for Ronaldinho last summer, they weren'tbuying a pretty face. "I am 1 ," admits the Braziliansuperstar. “But everyone has got a different kind ofbeauty. What I 2 have is charm."

  Indeed he has. His buck teeth, flowing hair, bigsmile, and of course his 3 skills are always 4 on the 5 . The 23-year-old striker 6 two goals in a 3-2 winover Deportivo La Coruna on March 1. It wasBarcelona's sixth win in a 7 and, thanks to theirBrazilian's 10-goal contribution, 8 looked like a poorseason could now end a success.

  Ronaldinhofull name Ronaldo De Assis Moreira is one of many South Americans who learnedtheir skills playing in the backstreets before 9 them off on the world stage.

  He first 10 for his country in 1999 but it was at the 2002 World Cup where he showed his real11 ,scoring an unbelievable free-kick in Brazil's quarter-final victory 12 England.

  "I have never failed to deliver in big matches," Ronaldinho says. "My game is based on my 13 .Often a forward does not have the time to decide whether to shoot or 14 . It is 15 that givesout the orders."

  16 he may not have David Beckham's good looks, Ronaldinho has a 17 reputation 18 thepitch. At former club Paris Saint Germain, which sold him to Barcelona, he broke club rules bygoing out and enjoying the city's nightlife.

  "Without doubt, Ronaldinho is the most 19 player I have ever come 20 ," says former PSGcoach Luis Ferdandez." The main problem for any coach is that one player without disciplinecan hurt the whole team."

  1. A. handsome B. good-looking C. ugly D. attractive

  2. A. must B. do C. will D. could

  3. A. smart B. intelligent C. awful D. brilliant

  4. A. eye-caught B. eye-catching C. eye-feeding D. eye-feast

  5. A. court B.field C. ground D. pitch

  6. A.scored B.won C. gained D. caught

  7. A. series B.row C. time D. sense

  8. A. that B.which C. who D. what

  9. A. showing B.demonstrating C. illustrating D. displaying

  10. A. kicked B.served C. played D. acted

  11. A. value B.self C. worth D. price

  12. A. over B.at C. on D.above

  13. A. judgments B.calmness C. courage D. improvisation

  14. A. move B.run C. throw D. pass

  15. A. instinct B.intuition C. impulse D. experience

  16. A. Although B.While C. When D. Even

  17. A. cowboy B.good boy C. playboy D. college boy

  18. A. off B.on C. in D. with

  19. A. difficult B.cooperative C. diligent D. hard

  20. A. by B.over C. into D. across


  1. C上下文题根据下文的buck teeth龅牙,可以推断出选C。

  2. B语法题must have表示肯定的推测;will have “将会拥有(将来时表 达法)” ;could have “可以有” ;do have表示强调。故选B。

  3. D词义辨析题smart “聪明的,伶俐的,快的,敏捷的” ;intelligent“聪明的,有才智的,有头脑的” ;brilliant “极聪明的,技艺精湛的,才华横溢的”。这三个近义词中只有brilliant可以修饰技能,而awful“极坏 的,极讨厌的,可怕的”;不符合上下文。故选D。

  4. B 习惯用法题eye-catching “引人注目的,令人注意的(尤指悦目 者)”。其余都是干扰项。

  5. D词义辨析题四个词都表示场地,court “(网球等的室内或室外)球 场” ;field “辽阔的地方,原野,旷野” ;ground “(泛指)场地” :a football/cricket/sports ground;pitch “(足球、曲棍球等的)球场”。此处谈论足球,故选D。

  6. A 习惯用法题score the goal “进球”。

  7. B 习惯用法题a series “一系列” ;in a row “一个接一个地,连续不断 地” ;at a time “一次” ;in asense “从某种程度上说”。

  8. D语法题that, which, who只能充当关系代词,指代前面的名词并在 从句中充当主语或宾语。此处前面的名词为contribution,并不能充当下面 从句的主语。而what为名词性代词可以直接充当句子主语。此处句意为“本来似乎很糟糕的一个赛季现在却以大胜告终”。

  9. A 习惯用法题能与下文off搭配的词唯有show, show off “展现,炫 耀”。

  10. C词义辨析题kick “踢” ;serve “为(某人)工作,供职,服役(如 在军队里)” ;play “踢球” ;act “做某事,采取行动”。此处指在国家 队踢球。

  11. C词义辨析题value是指以钱或其他物品为衡量的价值;worth除了指 一定金额的价值外,还可以指用处、价值。此处是指罗纳尔迪尼奧作为足 球运动员的价值。故选C。

  12. A 习惯用法及上下文题a victory over sb. “战胜……”。上文出现过"a 3-2 win over Deportivo LaCoruna on March 1."

  13. D上下文题根据下文“通常前锋是没有时间考虑该射球或传球”,可见 他在场上表现不是基于判断、冷静或勇气,而是improvisation临场反应。

  14. D 常识题shoot or pass “射球或传球”。move, run只是跑动,不涉及 球’与shoot不对称。

  15. B词义辨析题及上下文题根据上下文,因为没有时间考虑只能靠直觉 行动,可排除experience。instinct是指动物本能;intuition是在经验基础上 形成的直觉反应;impulse指一时冲动。故选B。

  16. B逻辑关系及词义辨析题根据下文可判断此处为表示让步的从句,排 除when, even。而while引导的让步状语从句在意义上一般与主句的对比 不太强烈,即主句与从句只是部分不一致;而although在表示让步语义时 是最为通用的从属连词,所引导的从句往往使主句内容含有似乎使人感到 意外或料想不到之意。例如:(1)While I admit his good points, I can see his shortcomings.尽管我承认他的优点,我也能看到他的缺点。(2) While I like the color of the hat, I don't like its shape.虽然我喜欢这顶帽子的颜色,但不 喜欢这种式样。(3) Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.虽然我的汽车很旧 了,但跑起来挺不错。(4) He brought me a cup of coffee although I had asked for tea.虽然我要的是茶,他却给我端来一杯咖啡。

  17. C 词义辨析题cowboy “牛仔” ;good boy “好孩子” ;playboy “花花 公子” ;college boy “学院派”。根据下文"he broke club rules by going out and enjoying the city's nightlife."可选C。

  18. A 习惯用法题on the pitch “在球场上” ;off the pitch “下了球场,业余 时间”。

  19. A词义辨析题difficult “(指人)不易取悦的,不易满足的,不易相处 的,不愿合作的,执拗的” ;cooperative “有合作精神的” ;diligent “勤 奋的” ;hard “(政治斗争中)持强硬态度的,不妥协的”。根据下文“教练碰到的最大问题是一个队员不服从纪律会影响整个队伍的发挥。” 可见罗纳尔迪尼奥是一个不守规矩的人,故选A。

  20. D 习惯用法及词义辨析题come by sth. “得到某事物(通常靠努 力)’’ :Jobs are hard to come bythese days.近来很难找至工作;come over sb.(指某种感觉)刺激或影响某人:A fit of dizziness cameover her.她感到 一阵头晕目眩;come into sth. “继承某事物” ;come across “偶然 遇见或发现某人(某事物),碰见”。此处意为“罗纳尔迪尼奧是我所见 过的最难带的队员”。故选D。


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