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  1. It was requested that all of the equipment ____in the agreed time.

  A. erected B. would be erected  C. be erected D. will be erected

  2. The man sitting opposite me smiled dreamily, as if ____ something pleasant in the past.

  A. to remember B. remembered C. having been remembered D. remembering

  3. I ____ him the Christmas gift by mail because he came home during the Christmas holidays.

  A. ought to have sent B. couldn’t have sent C. must have sent D. needn’t have sent

  4. It turned out that the children were not ____for the accident.

  A. to blame B. to be blamed C. to be blaming D. to have been blamed

  5. The desegregation was achieved through a number of struggles,____been mentioned in previous chapters.

  A. a few of which B. a few of them  C. a few of those D. a few of that

  6. Setting up a committee might be a way____the project more efficiently.

  A. to be doing B. doing C. to do D. being done

  7. It____to see so many children in that mountainous area cannot even afford elementary education.

  A.pains her B. makes her pain C. is paining D. is pained

  8. Our boss, Mr. Thompson,____a raise in salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.

  A.was promising B. has been promising C. promised D. has promised

  9. He was determined to sail around the world ____his illness and old age.

  A. given B. although C. despite D. in spite

  10. The board deemed it’s urgent that these invitations ____ first thing tomorrow morning.

  A. had to be put in the mail  B. must be put in the mail

  C. be put in the mail D. should have been put in the mail

  11.____drills that have no real topic have to remainas they are.

  A. Manufacture B. Manipulative C. Manipulate D.Manifest

  12. This book has been in the works so long that I have lost ____of most of the sources found for me by the staff of the library.

  A. trace B. trail C. track D. touch

  13. The elbows on your coat have worn thin, so I must ____them.

  A. mend B. patch C. repair D. pitch

  14. ____and wage increases have not kept in step.

  A. Production B. Product C. Produce D. Productivity

  15. People under stress have performed____feats of strength, like lifting an automobile off an accident victim.

  A. specific B. extraordinary C. abrupt D. abnormal

  16. Modern appliances____us from a good deal of household work.For instance, the dryer frees us from hanging the laundry.

  A.escape B . benefit C. liberate D. comfort

  17. The audience waited in____silence while their aged speaker searched among his note for the figures he could not remember.

  A. respective B. respect C. respectful D. respectable

  18. The disappearance of her paper has never been ____.

  A. counted for B. looked up  C.accounted for D. checked up

  19. When he was asked about the missing briefcase, the man ____ever seeing it.

  A. refused B. denied C. opposed D. resisted

  20. Communication between a young couple is a(n)____business.

  A. sharp B. dreadful C. intense D. delicate

  21. After so many weeks without rain, the ground quickly ____ the little rain that fell last night.

  A. skipped B. soaked C. retrieved D. absorbed

  22. We’ll ____you as soon as we have any further information.

  A. notify B. signify C. communicate D. impart

  23. The fox fell into the____the hunters had set forit.

  A. bush B. trap C. trick D. circle

  24. I don’t know you want to keep the letter. I’ve ____it up.

  A. torn B. given C. broken D. disposed

  25. The old lady____and fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

  A. slided B. slipped C. split D. spilled

  试题答案与解析 

  1. C) 【句意】所有设备要求在商定的时间内安装完毕。


  2. A) 【句意】坐在我对面的那个人梦幻般地笑着,好像回想起过去发生的某件高兴的事。

  【难点】“as if +不定式”是一个常见的结构,意为“好像”。

  3. D) 【句意】我本不必把圣诞礼物给他邮去,因为他圣诞节期间回家了。


  4. A) 【句意】结果证明是,这起事故不怪孩子。

  【难点】be to blame 是一个习惯搭配,意为“该受责备”。

  5. A) 【句意】经过若干次斗争,种族隔离被取消了,其中的几次斗争在前几章里已经提到。


  6. C) 【句意】 建立一个委员会或许是更有效地做这项工程的方法。

  【难点】way后面可接不定式作定语,也可接of doing形式。

  7. A) 【句意】 看到那片山区有那么多孩子连小学都上不起,她感到很痛心。

  【难点】It pains sb. to see...意为“看到…使某人感到痛心”。

  8. B) 【句意】 我们的老板汤姆逊许诺给我们加薪好些年了,可到现在什么也没发生。


  9. C) 【句意】他不顾疾病缠身,年老体弱,决心做环球航行。

  【难点】despite是介词,意为“尽管”,等于in spite of,两者的后面都接名词。

  10. C) 【句意】董事会认为,明天早晨的第一件事就是将这些邀请函紧急寄出。

  【难点】it is urgent that 后接虚拟语气,即(should)+动词原形。

  11. B) 【句意】没有实际主题的操作性训练只得保持原样。

  【难点】manipulative 意为“操作的;控制的”;manufacture意为“制造”;manipulate意为“操纵”;manifest意为“显然的;明了的”。

  12. C) 【句意】写作这本书的时间如此之长,以致于我找不到图书馆职员为我找到的大部分原始资料。

  【难点】lose track of 意为“失去与…的联系;失去…的线索”;trace意为“痕迹,遗迹”;trail 意为“踪迹;臭迹;足迹”;touch意为“接触”。

  13. B) 【句意】你大衣的肘部磨薄了,我得在那儿打块补丁。

  【难点】 patch意为“补缀;修补”;mend意为“修理;修补”,比如鞋;repair意为“修理;修复”,比如机器;pitch意为“投;掷;扔”。

  14. D) 【句意】生产率的提高和工资的提高没有保持同步。

  【难点】productivity 意为“生产力;生产率”;production意为“生产;制造”;product意为“产品”;produce意为“农产品”。

  15. B) 【句意】人们在心理压力的作用下,表演了非凡的力量技艺,比如把一辆汽车从交通事故的受害者身上搬开。


  16. C) 【句意】现代化的家用电器把我们从大量的家务劳动中解放出来,比如,甩干机使我们不必把洗的衣服挂起来。


  17. C) 【句意】那位上了年纪的发言人在他的笔记中寻找着他记不起来的数字,此时,听众们恭敬地等候着,全场一片寂静。


  18. C)【句意】文件的消失从未得到过解释。

  【难点】account for意为“解释;说明”;count for意为“值,计”;look up意为“查检”;check up意为“核实”。

  19. B)【句意】当这个人被问及丢失的文件夹时,他否认曾经见过。

  【难点】四个选项中只有deny合题意。deny+动名词,意为“否认”;refuse意为“拒绝”,加不定式;oppose意为“反对,抵抗”,常接介词to; resist意为“反抗,抗拒”。[ZK)]

  20. D) 【句意】年轻夫妇之间的交流是件棘手的事。


  21. D) 【句意】好几星期没下雨,昨晚下了一场小雨,很快被地面吸收了。


  22. A) 【句意】一有进一步的消息,我们立即通知你。


  23. B) 【句意】狐狸掉进了猎人为它设的陷井。


  24. A) 【句意】我不知道你要保留那封信。我已把信撕了。

  【难点】tear up意为“撕毁”;give up意为“放弃”;break up意为“击碎;拆散”;dispose of意为“处理;清除”。

  25. B) 【句意】老太太滑倒了,从楼梯顶上摔到了下面。


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